Timed Entry Permit

Timed Entry Permit

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A timed entry permit is required for each vehicle or motorcycle to drive the entire roadway all the way to the top of the mountain. One reservation is needed per vehicle or motorcycle (not per person)

Select the date and time that you are wanting to visit. Arrive at the Gateway during your selected two-hour window and drive straight to the top and enjoy all of our other amenities on your way down. Guests who are not planning to drive their personal vehicle to the summit or who do not have a timed-entry reservation may still enter at the Gateway and experience Pikes Peak but will be unable to drive past the 16-mile lot, aka Devils Playground.

Admission tickets are also required. You can purchase your admission at the same time as this timed-entry permit or at the time of entry at the Gateway.

For the 2022 season, Pikes Peak - America's Mountain will be operating a complimentary shuttle from the 16-mile lot during the months of June and July. Guests without a timed entry reservation are encouraged to take the shuttle to the summit and experience the new Summit Visitor Center and the new amenities. If you have children in child safety seats you will need to have a reservation to get to the summit. Sorry, we do not allow pets or bicycles on the shuttle. Service animals are welcome.  

No refunds will be given for bad weather, closures, late arrivals, or no-shows. 

Categories: One Day Admission and Timed Entry Reservations

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